Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Bitter Pass

Perils in the High Mountains

A week after departing Dunlough, the party wearily crested Bitter Pass in the Dragonspine Mountains. The climb was long and arduous, but aided by magic and divine powers the group made it to the Pass.

On the far side, a glacier stretched northwards into the Northlands. The fjords of Torness were visible to the northwest and the rocky uplands of Normark directly north. Bands of clouds obscured the view to the northeast, but the dark line of forestlands marking the border of the kingdom of Valinor could be made out to the northeast.

After spending a night huddled in the leeward edge of the glacier, the party made to leave. As the clouds lowered and visibility dropped, they considered the possibility of pitching camp until better conditions, but at that moment Ophelia’s horse dropped, spilling the rogue from her saddle. No cause could be seen.

In a few moments, another attack, this time visible. Some sort of tentacle or pseudopod lashed out from a crevasse to strike. In short order the party dismounted and took positions for battle. As Lux, Freya and Ophelia engaged the creature, Erevyn cast fire spells in the hopes that they would harm the cold-dwelling thing. Cora saw to the health of her mates.

Just as it looked like a fair fight, something dropped through the clouds, tore at the wizard and flew off into the mist. Ophelia scanned the skies and caught a glimpse of a young black dragon.

The fight grew desperate. As the heroes continued to hammer on the amber-colored gelatinous mass, they tried to lure the dragon. Cora fired arrows into the clouds in the hopes of wounding it, and (as the blob split into two) the dragon landed to assault them.

Acting quickly, Lux and Freya worked to destroy the blob and pinion the dragon, preventing it from taking off. Once this was done, it was only a matter of time. Bloody and battered, the party had become dragonslayers.

While they harvested what they could from the quickly-dissolving corpse of the dragon, Erevyn discovered pieces of armor in the remains of the blob. He gave them to Lux for evaluation.

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