Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

The Tomb of the Subtle Prince

Ophelia's Quest

After the recovery of Glade Whispers from the Fane of the Redcap, it was time to unlock the mystery of the Tomb of the Subtle Prince. Ophelia managed to cobble together the final clues, and the party continued east.

puzzle.jpgHaving arrived at the location the clues suggested, the group searched until they discovered a stone doorway cut into a nearby gully. Symbols were cut into the door, in a pattern that looked like the ones to the right.

With a flash of inspiration, Ophelia opened the portal on the first attempt. The party entered the depths of the tomb. They opened a door on the right to discover a chamber with four sarcophagi. They carefully searched the room, finding nothing of note.

Across the hall they found another chamber, this one apparently for the purpose of preparing bodies for interment. A third door opened into a chamber similar to the first, but this one draped with faded, dusty banners. Being unable to decipher the tomb engravings, Cora took a rubbing for later study.

Exploring further into the tomb, they party discovered a door at the end of a hallway. Just as Ophelia reached the door — and discovered that it was a false door, crudely painted onto the wall — a portcullis gate crashed down behind them. Footsteps approached, and half a dozen armed cultists confronted the heroes.

The cultists demanded to know what the party was doing at the tomb, and hearing Ophelia’s explanation, they invited her (and only her) to leave the trap for a discussion.

The leader (cloaked and robed, so no identification was possible) brought the rogue back up the hall and through a doorway which was not evident when the party passed it. It led to a much larger room, dominated by an elaborate tomb with gold highlights, surrounded by other sculptures. Upon learning that Ophelia had been sent by her mentor, the leader invited her to become a member of the Red Scorpions. He warned her that her friends could leave the tomb alive, but only if they swear they would never return. She agreed and was given two gifts: the Mark of the Scorpion, and a suit of black leather armor which radiated magic.

After returning to the party, Ophelia said she had secured their release, but mentioned no more than that. They departed and set off to Ahgram.

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