Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

The Wolf's Cry

To the Northlands!

An odd little scholar, Erevyn, arrives in the Citystate to look for a hero to hire. He finds Lux. If he can convince the Paladin to help him, he can gain access to the histories held by King Haemund of Torness.

It seems the King has some sort of problem that needs a hero, and Lux looks to fit the part. Erevyn is pretty hazy about the details, but speaks at length about the histories and their possible contents. He also mentions something about some kind of reward for aiding the King in his time of need… but again, the details are fuzzy.

While the two converse (at the Light Gale Inn), Freya enters and joins the discussion. Erevyn immediately recognizes her as a Halgaring. He offers to take her to the burial grounds of her ancestors, as they will pass very near there on the way to Torness. After some discussion, Lux and Freya agree to accompany the scribe to the Northlands.

In the meantime, Ophelia receives a packet via courier. It is a thick bundle of parchment sealed with wax. The symbol on the seal is a domino mask. When she opens it, she finds it contains another letter, also sealed with wax. This seal bears the mark of a scorpion.

The outer letter cautions her not to open the inner one until arriving at the Frontier north of Redbridge. It instructs her to travel north until she arrives and the standing stones of Dunlough Lake, and there to open her next instructions. It is not signed.

Sister Melina visits Cora in her gardens and asks if she will receive a visitor. It turns out to be Eldritch Venefix from the Temple of Corellon in Khal, across the sea.

He expresses his gratitude for Cora’s aid in recovering Glade Whispers, and says that as a courtesy to her, he had spoken with the other Eldritch to praise her efforts.Unfortunately, however, his words have had more impact than he had intended.

The Eldritch have chosen her to consecrate a newly-discovered shrine far to the north. Will she agree? It lies in the Kingdom of Valinor, and as such is of vital importance to the ruling King as well as the Church.

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