Abu Hazam al-Khas

Caliph of Ahgram


Abu is a handsome Qalian man of attractive build, six feet in height. He has a ready smile, dark eyes and dresses in comfortable, colorful robes.

While he can be genial, there is a dangerous edge visible in the hardness of his eyes.


The eldest son of Khas al-Zohr, the old Caliph of Ahgram, Abu had a troubled childhood. He was arrogant and proud, treating those he considered “lesser” with considerable disdain and cruelty. Servants and citizens alike feared his volatile temper and vindictiveness.

His tutor, Atia Tertullius, plotted with him to develop a plan to rule Ahgram after his father’s death. When it finally did happen, during the siege of Martok, Abu was outraged to learn that his father had announced that he was passing the caliphate to his general, rather than his son.

With Atia’s help, Abu trumped up charges against General Decius and had him sold into slavery. He was recognized as the legitimate heir, and made Caliph.

Seven years of rule marked with decadence, fear and cruelty later, Abu Hazam was deposed by Cora, Freya, Lux Chainbreaker and Ophelia Fireheart. He left the city peacefully and has not been seen since.

Season 2: Khal
Season 2: Ahgram

Season 2: Palace Intrigue

Abu Hazam al-Khas

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