Atia Tertullius

Vizier to Abu Hazam al-Khas


Atia is an older Tiefling woman of short stature and slender build. She dresses well, but in muted, somber colors. Her grey hair is pulled into a bun fixed in place by jeweled pins, and her dark horns curl somewhat like those of a ram.

She is known for having an unnerving gaze, and indeed, her dun-yellow eyes look like those of a corpse.


Atia began her service in Ahgram as a junior warlock of the Astral School. Her dedication and scholarship was recognized early, and she quickly found herself moving directly from graduation to faculty of the same institution.

When she retired from formal instruction, she was then hired by Caliph Khas to tutor his son, Abu. This she did, and over time Atia become something of a mentor, confessor and co-conspirator. The arrangement permitted her to gain access even to the books of forbidden knowledge kept in the school’s vaults.

Once word was received that General Decius was made the heir to Ahgram, Atia formulated a plan to thwart Decius and seize power for her charge. For her efforts in securing his power, Abu Hazam elevated her to Vizier, his closest adviser.

Atia was deposed when Abu was exiled.

Season 2: Palace Intrigue

Atia Tertullius

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