Goblin Warrior


Brakki is a short, twisted hunchback of a goblin. His yellow eyes are quick and cunning, and his yellow teeth crooked. He dresses in his armor, and always has at least one weapon within reach.


Brakki was one of seven goblins charged with guarding the main gate to the Pits. When the party attacked by surprise, he was totally unprepared. By a stroke of luck, only Brakki managed to survive the encounter, pleading for his life. He bargained to provide the party information about what lay ahead for them in return for his release.

Since that time, he has been seen poaching in the Deepmurk Forest outside the Citystate.

Season 1: The Guard Room
Season 1: Traps and Tricks

Season 1: The Slave Pits
Season 2: Blackport


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