Grimm Greyhelm

Politically Active Dwarf Warlord


Grimm’s first impression to most people is either “solid”, “impenetrable” or “immovable”. With shoulders broader even than most other dwarves, he gives the impression of a walking block of granite (an impression he does nothing to dispel). With a luxuriant beard and balding head, Grimm is a dwarf among dwarves.


The Greyhelm clan is something of an oddity among their kind. Where most remain isolated from the world, involving themselves within their own kingdoms, Greyhelms look to the wider world for challenges. In this regard, Grimm is a true clansman.

Once he heard of the mysterious disappearances in the Citystate, he contacted his old friend, Warbling. While investigating the abduction of a Halfling girl, he was himself captured and brought to the Slave Pits. He remained there for some days until released by Lux Chainbreaker. On his return to the Light Gale Inn, he swore an oath to battle the injustices of the Overlord and his minions.

Season 1: The Tax Men
Season 1: Epilogue

Season 1: Goblins… Why Did It Have to be Goblins?

Grimm Greyhelm

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