Foreman of the Slave Pits


Tall, gaunt human male, a bit on the pinched side. His brown eyes are shifty, his teeth crooked and his skin sallow. Nevertheless, Foreman Selis has a confident air about him (even if it is a bit on the oily side).


Foreman of the Slave Pits in the Citystate of the Invincible Overlord, Selis works for the Overlord himself. He oversaw the recovery of bone ore from the old mine tailings under the city. When the party (Lux, Cora, Thorn and Ophelia) attacked, he parleyed with them to be set free, but was captured by Ophelia.

Chained for a time in the wine cellar of the Light Gale Inn, he was eventually killed by Ophelia and dropped into the storm drains of the city.

Season 1: The Workhouse Floor
Season 1: Revolution
Season 1: Counterattack
Season 1: Epilogue
Season 2: The Inn


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