Valarius Davo

Old, Blind Beggar


This old, blind man is filthy, with matted hair and beard, tattered rags for clothing… and yet, his bearing has dignity, his face etched with lines of determination.


Formerly an officer of the Legio XI (a claim he can prove by the tattoo on his arm), Valarius was one of the men arrested along with General Decius. Like his commander, he was sold into slavery, only not to a gladiator, but a farmer.

For three years, Valarius toiled under the fierce Qalian sun before escaping to Ahgram. Unfortunately, his former Master demanded he be punished, and the Caliph obliged him by having Valarius’ eyes put out.

Since that time, he has dwelt on the squalid streets of Ahgram, receiving food and drink in return for being an informant for the Silent Sisters and seeking other forcibly retired soldiers.

Season 2: Ahgram
Season 2: Palace Intrigue

Valarius Davo

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