Warbling Sobrun

Retired Fighter, Co-Owner of Light Gale Inn


In counterpoint to his brother Huggy, Warbling is laid back, affable and relaxed. His easy style makes him an obvious mark for con men and shysters — a fault for which his brother invariably takes care of business. He does, however, have a great many friends. Many of the regulars are genuinely fond of the guy.


Warbling is the co-owner of the Light Gale Inn on Sea Brigands Street in the Citystate. Rumors have it that he and his brother looted an ancient temple, walking away with untold treasures. They reportedly paid an enormous sum to purchase the Inn. Many speculate that they will one day return to the temple to bring back more wealth, and it’s common for patrons to try to wheedle the location of it from the brothers.

Season 1: The Tax Men
Season 1: Epilogue
Season 2: The Inn

Warbling Sobrun

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