Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

The Chamber of Shackles
The Slave Pens

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Sinuessa_Slave.pngThe next chamber was a rough-hewn, rocky chamber with wooden supports and numerous black iron cages. Each cage contained a slops bucket and a thin straw pallet, with the occasional figure huddled within. Four human guards kept order and supervised the slaves in preparing a meal.

The party entered, inadvertently alerting the guards to their presence. A brief battle ensued, but the heroes were prepared for the (rather disorganized) guards’ responses. Fortunately, the slaves managed to avoid harm by taking cover quickly.

The slaves were instructed to stay in place until the party confronted the foreman. They outlined what to look out for in the chamber beyond. Readying themselves for battle, the party advanced.

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The Quintain
Traps and Security

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

By now, most everyone bore bruises, cuts and fatigue from the previous fights. Cora attended as many wounds as she could, while the party rested briefly in the guard room. Forewarned by Brakki that the next section of hallway was rigged with traps to prevent the slaves from escaping, Ophelia suggested a new marching order to permit them to spot and avoid the traps. With his heavy armor and poor vision in the dark, Lux moved back in the line.

While the heroes could skirt a few traps, one — a scythe trap — managed to wound Thorn and Ophelia before she could disarm it. Having done so, however, they then had access to the next chamber… the Slave Pens.

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Into the Abyss
The Guard Room

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Warned about the guards by Brakki, the party cautiously made their way up the hallway. A curved, sloping passage opened into a well-traveled hallway. Very few braziers were lit, casting shadows everywhere.

A doorway marked the location of the guard room, according to the information supplied them. Ophelia suggested creeping past, but Lux argued that enemies capable of attacking from behind was too great a risk. Cora and Thorn agreed, and they prepared to attack.

The doorway led out onto a ledge overlooking the cavern below. In effect, the guard room had only one wall: the one separating it from the hallway. From here, the off-duty guards could observe the workhouse floor, some forty feet below. This also meant that the party would have to be both quick and quiet, to avoid raising alarms from below.

With Ophelia’s direction (and taking advantage of surprise), the group managed to take out both human and both goblin guards swiftly. What noise did occur was thankfully drowned out by the din in the workroom below. While rifling the guards’ things, Ophelia discovered a finely-made shortsword, which she claimed for herself.

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Goblins at the Gate
The Main Gate

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

250px-Chuffy_Lickwound.jpgBeyond the entrance lay a low, sloping tunnel which ended in an archway with an open portcullis. Dim torches from the other side of the gate provided the only light, putting Lux at a disadvantage. Despite this, however, (and thanks in no small part to Ophelia’s superb skill at silently keeping to the shadows), the party was able to get the drop on the goblin guards.

The ensuing battle was short but brutal. The goblins were taken wholly by surprise, and Lux even managed to take a captive, Brakki. With a little prodding, he provided information about the dangers ahead in return for his release.

Cora found an old holy symbol among the junk in the hallway before moving on.

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Goblins... Why Did It Have to be Goblins?
The Entrance Hall

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Sewer5.jpgEntering the sewers, it didn’t take long to discover the entrance to the Pits. A narrow spiral stairway led to a sub-level with a large, if dimly-lit, room. Crates and debris littered the floor. At the far end a metal grate could be seen. Beyond it, some pens housed sleeping inhabitants.

Lux took the lead to enter the room, moving cautiously, when he was attacked by a spear-wielding goblin. A fight ensued, with a dangerous spellcasting goblin causing a lot of harm, even knocking Thorn out for a brief time. Cora revealed her divine guardian, a powerful spiritual ally whose presence kept many attacks at bay as the goblins scattered to get away from it. Ophelia managed to use some stealth and cunning to surprise her foes.

When the goblins were defeated, Lux found a couple good-sized gems in the Hexer’s robes. Grimm was released from his captivity, and told the heroes of the many people being held as slave labor in the Pits below. He warned them that the entrance was guarded by traps.

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The Tax Men
The Light Gale Inn

Toilday, 24 Brightsway 698

gerard-depardieu.jpgOn Sea Brigands Street there is a shabby tavern called the Light Gale Inn. The rumors about the two brothers who run the place are nearly unbelievable, and the reputation of the inn itself brings many visitors.

While taking in the atmosphere (and notoriously potent drink), the heroes witness a confrontation. Six human toughs led by a man named Trevelyan entered the bar and held co-owner Warbling hostage while making an ultimatum to his brother Huggy. Trevelyan told the man that Warbling would be taken to the Pits if he didn’t pay the fine. Huggy pleaded, but Trevelyan refused to hear him.

In the ensuing fight, the toughs were routed. The heroes found a purse of coins dropped by Trevelyan. Huggy then told them of the Slave Pits below the city, as well as the rumored entrance through the sewers from a nearby alleyway. His Dwarf friend Grimm was being held there, and he offered a reward to rescue him.

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What Came Before...

The Citystate of the Invincible Overlord is a dark and dangerous place. While it seems like any other busy, cosmopolitan city on its surface, many mysterious and dangerous forces lurk in the shadows, and it is not uncommon to hear whispered tales of people disappearing without a trace. Dangerous people wearing hawk masks are rumored to be the agents of the Overlord himself, and do his bidding.

Despite its dark reputation, it is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world. Anyone wishing to make their mark in this world will eventually come to the bustling markets and narrow streets to find rare, sometimes priceless goods, to network with the famed black market, or to find a powerful patron.

It was here that four adventurers meet: Cora, the Elven priestess of Corellon with her yew bow; Thorn Frostpelt, a lonely albino Seeker from the Southern Mountains; Ophelia, a quiet rogue whose Tiefling past is both mysterious but palpable; and Lux the Paladin, a seasoned warrior with an untarnished reputation.

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About the Game
Things You Should Know

This is a family game using the rules for Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition. Of the players, only the GM (who plays Thorn) and Cora have any tabletop RPG experience. We are open to new members, particularly active role-players.

The books and rules used for our game are:

* D&D 4th Edition core books
* Players Handbooks 2 and 3
* Arcane Power
* Martial Power
* Primal Power

We play on Sundays every other week, starting at between 3 and 4 pm and going until roughly 8:00. We usually have snacks on hand, and generally a meal.



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