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  • History of Ceros

    The history of the world is, by ancient tradition, divided into Ages. The First Age began with the creation of the world, and the current date is 698 of the Fourth Age. Here are the divisions: * [[The First Age | _*First (Elder) Age*_]]: From the …

  • The First Age

    It isn't possible to date any of the events of the First Age, as they precede any existing written languages, even Elvish. Only ancient ruins remain, with only the occasional artifact. What is known of this time relies on the writings of later peoples and …

  • Darkness War

    _[[The First Age | The First Age]]_ _[[Erevyn's Lorebook | Erevyn's Lorebook]]_ _"Home":https://citystateoftheinvincibleoverlord.obsidianportal.com/_