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  • Mentor

    Mentor met [[:ophelia-fireblade | Ophelia]] early in her career, and has guided her through difficult times (although often by mercilessly driving her to train harder, seeking her limits of exhaustion). He has never revealed his identity, and following …

  • Ashyra Shade-Blossom

    Ashyra Shade-Blossom is a [[Qalia | Qalian]] woman born to a noble family of [[Khal | Khal]]. As a stunning beauty, she had many suitors as a girl, but the one who intrigued her was a guileless common soldier named [[General Decius Gladium Sicerem | …

  • Melina Loske

    Melina has been a priestess of Corellon for many long years, and was selected to curate the Citystate Cathedral's chattels and wealth, due to her scholarship and knowledge of lore. _*Appearances*_ _[[Shadow of the Scorpion 0 | Season 2: The Inn]]_