Tag: Tech Item


  • Chainsword

    This weapon has the Aspect "Holy Shit!" and no Consequences. It operates as (Weapon:3).

  • Wasteland Jeep

    The Jeep has the Aspects: "Rugged as Hell", "Heavy Chassis" and "Intimidating". It has two-, four- and six-point Consequences. The machinegun is (Weapon:4, Range 5). *Special*: The windshield is bulletproof (Armor:+1 from the front).

  • Gunblade

    This weapon has the Aspect: "Limited Ammo" and no Consequences. It acts as both a ranged weapon (Weapon:2, Range 2) and a melee weapon (Weapon:2). *Special*: When an attack succeeds with style, both melee and ranged damage may be done (add them for …

  • Reinforced Clothing

    These items have no standard Aspects or Consequences. Individual outfits may vary. These garments act as (Armor:1) for a complete suit.

  • Skortch Axe

    This weapon has the Aspect: "Limited Charges" and no Consequences. It functions as (Wrapon:3). *Special*: On a successful attack with style, it sets a Stun boost in addition to any others.

  • Cora's Bow II

    This weapon has the Aspect: "Wooden" and no Consequences. It counts as (Weapon:2), with a range of 4.

  • Vega's Battlewagon

    This vehicle has the Aspects: "Run For Your Lives!", "Why is the Ground Rumbling?" and "Inexorable", and two, four and six-point Consequences. The minigun counts as (Weapon:3 with Range:3). The chassis has (Armor:2).