On the continent of Qalia, some eighty miles south of Khal lies the desert city of Ahgram. It is surrounded by high walls, over which towers, minarets and domes may be seen. The largest dome (on the southern end of the city) appears to be made of gold. The approach from the north enters through a gate on the northern part of the east wall.

The city is laid out into neat zones from north to south. A wide east-west passage in the north acts as a sort of loading zone and entry to the city. Caravans here are watched and guarded from attack, and goods are loaded onto smaller, less bulky handcarts and porters. Foot and mounted traffic are likewise monitored here.

The Trade District is the central area of the city. The central portion is the bazaar, the central modular market. It is ringed by wide boulevards lined with more established, permanent shops. All buildings in this area are at least two stories, with the second floor being living quarters. Wooden walkways for the second story act as awnings over the sides of the streets, which (along with the occasional palm trees) provide shade.

The outermost area of the Trade District is the most impressive, being the guildhalls for the various trade guilds. Not only are the buildings themselves more ornate and stately, so are the palatial dwellings above them. The City Guard is much more visible here.

On the southernmost end of the city, walled off from the rest, lies the Palace District. Entered by gates on the east and west ends of the wall separating the Palace and Trade Districts, it is (as its name implied) dominated by the Caliph’s Palace in the southern end of the compound. It is a beautiful, gold-domed, four-story structure spangled with minarets.

Lying to the north of the Palace are the gardens, which make the central part of the district, and are studded with fountains and palm trees. Surrounding the gardens are the temples of the city and the nobles’ manors. Unsurprisingly, the City Guard is much in evidence here.

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