Ceros is the world on which the gods saw fit to make life. There are many races, each with several cultures. The history of the world goes as far back as its creation by the gods.


The Cerosian calendar is relatively universal. The year is 360 days, which is split up into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is comprised of two months, each month of five weeks, and each week of nine days. The days on Ceros are twenty-four hours in length.

Ceros has a single moon called Luna. It moves through eight cycles, each lasting four days. The 32-day lunar cycle

Lands and Peoples

Thestra, the northern continent, is home of some of the most expansionist and dynamic human kingdoms in the Known World. The cultures tend to be curious, honorable and warlike. The ancient Elurian Empire once ruled much of this land and northern Qalia, but is now in ruins; however, its military technology and language comprise the basis of the modern Common tongue. The mos common inhabitants are Thestran humans, with elves, dwarves, goliaths, halflings and others.

Qalia is the equatorial continent, an arid, rugged land of deserts and deep jungles. It is among the most ancient of human lands, populated by two distinct types: the Mordebi, the most ancient of humans, of dark-hued skin, and the Qaliathari.

The southernmost continent, Kojan, is surrounded by a constellation of smaller islands.

Erevyn’s Lorebook


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