Desert Shadows

IslamicGalleryBritishMuseum3.jpgRashem Ta’abi, the Subtle Prince, lived a long and eventful life. His many writings — many, if not nearly all, being lost — are considered to be of incalculable value, yet none live who know their whereabouts.

Similarly, he was rumored to have founded a cult of highly skilled assassins trained to his own techniques, and yet nothing is known of them, if they ever existed at all.

Some of these tales are collected in an odd little book, Desert Shadows, which tells four allegorical tales. If one can decipher the hidden meanings, it is said to reveal some of Ta’abi’s secrets. indeed, some scholars even believe the book to be written by the Subtle Prince, in his own hand… but that is merely conjecture.

The stories are told as fanciful tales, yet each holds a vital clue to discover the whereabouts of the Tomb of the Subtle Prince. The first story recounts the misadventures of a greedy second-story thief acquiring a rare ring. The second chapter tells of an overly cautious tomb robber out to recover a gem called the Night Star. The third deals with a devil-may-care rogue who seduces a noblewoman, only to discover that he has been framed for the theft of three precious coins. Finally, a woman pirate’s story which spins a yarn of her adventures in recovering a priceless treasure map.

Season 2: Khal
Season 2: Ahgram
Season 2: Proximo’s Villa

Season 2: Palace Intrigue

Desert Shadows

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