General Decius Gladium Sicerem

decius.jpgAs a young man of mixed heritage (his father was Qalian and his mother Thestran), Decius joined the Legio XI “Praevalidum” as a common foot soldier. His intelligence, skill at arms and grasp of battlefield tactics brought him to the attention of his superiors, and before long he served as a Centurion. As a commander of men, Decius began to shine.

With the legion temporarily posted to the city of Khal, Decius met a beautiful, high-born dirl named Ashyra.The two fell in love, and against the will of her father, they wed. Not long later, the Legion was recalled to Ahgram and, within only a few months, Caliph Khas elevated Decius to General of the Army.

A few years later, the Caliph decided it was time to address the orcish threat from the city of Martok to the south. The army marched to lay siege to the city, and for long months during the dusty summer of 691 both sides fought and suffered. During a desperate sortie from behind the city walls, an orc wolf-rider managed to wound Khas al-Zohr. The wound festered, and the surgeons determined that the blade had been poisoned.

Lying on his camp cot, the Caliph summoned General Decius and his commanders, and to them he legally named Decius heir to the caliphate of Ahgram, and renounced his own son, Abu Hazam, as being unworthy.

Decius quit the siege and marched the army back to the city of Ahgram. When the walls were within sight, they were met by an armed force. They sought a meeting with the General and his officers. Once they were gathered, they were arrested on the order of the Caliph, Abu Hazam al-Khas. Weary from the long march, the legionnaires could not catch the retreating party with their fresh horses. On the return of the Legion, they discovered the unit disbanded by order of the Caliph.

Decius was sold as a slave to the lanista Proximo the Huge. After training to the arena, his name was taken away and he became Blood Dancer the gladiator. Being both a seasoned warrior and commander, he quickly became a crowd favorite. For four long years he fought in the arena, his real name unknown but his popularity growing among the common folk. By chance, one of the retired soldiers of the now-defunct Legio XI recognize his General’s fighting style. He and others planned to break him out of captivity, but before they could, he died on the sands of the arena.

Posthumously, it was revealed that during his marriage to Lady Ashyra, Decius had an affair with the Caliph’s Second Wife, Lady Sasaela. Knowing she was pregnant, Decius wrote a secret will to provide for the child, whom he recognizes as his rightful heir (his marriage with Ashyra having been childless). He is thus the father of Caliph Mahmoud al-Abu.

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General Decius Gladium Sicerem

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