thistle.jpgNormark is a kingdom located in the Northlands. It is a wild, desolate upland land with rich resources and a harsh climate. The forests are dense, dark needleleaf woods with occasional deciduous trees interspersed. The ground is for the most part rocky, with thin topsoil, thickening as it slopes down to the north. Lichen and thistles grow in abundance.

The Mark Folk (as they are called) are a mix of Volsungr in the north, and Halgaring in the southern uplands, although a healthy amount of interbreeding goes on between clans. Most of the social organization is along clan lines, and most clans tend to be matrilineal (tanist).

The dress is sturdy and warm, thick wool and leather being prominent. Men tend to wear kilts, and the favored weapons of warriors tend to be the fullblade and javelins. Among those preferring shorter weapons, basket-hilted longswords and light targe shields are common.

Mark Folk tend to speak Volsaxi with a thick brogue, making it harder to make out for some. It uses less Common (65%), more Giant (25%) and Dwarven (10%).

Badge: Thistle
Topography: Uplands
Major cultures: Volsungr (60%), Halgaring (40%)
Population: 78,000 ( Humans 47,000; Goliath 21,000; Half Orc 5,000; Half Elf 3,000; Longtooth Shifter 2,000)
Capital: Dun Edyn
Chief Goddess: Sehanine
Military: 9200 under arms
Trade: Exports: Wool, grain, meat, ore; Imports: Iron, fish


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