Thorn Frostpelt

3767677858_193d7b5b4a.jpgThorn cuts a striking figure, and is unlikely to pass unnoticed. His pale skin, white hair and red eyes mark him as albino, but even that isn’t his only distinguishing feature. While he is of average height and slender build, this young man moves with a wary, deliberate grace somewhat reminiscent of a great cat. His hair is fashioned into shoulder-length dreadlocks tied with random bits of string and strips of cloth. It looks as if the job were done more by necessity and neglect than fashion.

Thorn was born and raised among others of his kind in the Southern Mountains. His tribe, being superstitious, took his deformity as a sign of ill luck and abandoned him on the doorstep of a local shaman, who took him in.

Taught how to recognize and commune with spirits from an early age, Thorn’s closest friends have always been etherial. He listens to them, learns and does what he can for them. His mentor, the shaman Blueclaw, helped him towards a life devoted to spirit magics and ancestor worship. Sadly, Blueclaw died before completing Thorn’s education.

Alone and friendless, the young Shifter took to hunting in the mountains, using the spirits to guide him. While on one of his expeditions, he came to a plateau overlooking the town of Blackport on the coast. Curiosity about the place gave him the bravery to descend from the mountains where he was born and begin his journey among people.

He wears leather armor and wields a longbow and a spear.

Thorn died fighting spriggans at the Fane of the Redcap.

Thorn Frostpelt

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