Viking-Runes-and-Raven.pngTorness is a Volsungr kingdom in the Northlands. It is situated on the northwestern fjordlands, although the capital Torheim is perched precariously in the uplands overlooking them. From his seat in the King’s Hall, Haemund Gaptooth rules over a balkanized kingdom separated by topography, ambition and blood feuds.

The land itself is forbidding and inhospitable, with poor soils for growing crops. Most settlements are perched on the edges of or over the fjords, relying on the sea for its abundant fishing and whaling.

Torvians (as they are called) are fiercely independent, curious and warlike. Being master shipbuilders, they seek to pierce the magical fogs in the Deep Seas to find new lands and explore the world. Most revere the national god, Kord, asking for his blessings in war. Many also appeal to Melora for safe travels at sea.

Torvian warriors favor various forms of leather armor, and spears, bows, axes or swords in war. Many also carry a heavy roundshield in lieu of heavier armor.

Badge: Black Raven
Topography: Fjordlands
Major cultures: Volsungr
Population: 125,000 ( Thestran Human 112,500; Half Elf 7,500; Half Orc 3,250; Longtooth Shifter 1,250)
Capital: Torheim (8000 people)
Chief God: Kord
Leader: King Haemund Gaptooth
Military: 12,000 under arms
Trade: Export: Iron, mead, silver, whale oil and crafts; Import; Wood, ore, wool, grain and meat


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