Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Corynthos.jpgThe Workhouse, five levels below the streets of the Citystate, is a beehive of hidden activity. Slaves of every description push heavy carts of ore to a wooden dock, where other chained workers shovel the rocks onto ramps. These rocks roll to various tables, where others use hammers to break them and search for what look to be chunks of ivory-colored metal.

Two guards with crossbows survey the area, and one floor boss with a scourge “motivates” the workers. A final little man with a club scurries from station to station, accounting for all the finds.

Two stories above the floor, a wooden scaffold with iron bars overlooks the operation. The foreman sits there, safe from attack.

A parley must now ensue, with the slaves (led by Farro, an elven scholar) taking up one side, demanding to be released and the death or capture of the Foreman, Selis; or, the Foreman demands to be released with the ore sack. He doesn’t care what happens to the slaves.

Lux, as the most commanding member of the party, led the negotiation. With Cora’s help, he managed to forge an agreement with both sides with some skillful diplomacy. Once Selis came down from his perch, Ophelia seized him and held him hostage.

Thorn seized the sack of white ore, Lux and Cora freed the slaves both in the Workhouse and the Slave Pens. With the assistance of the slaves, the group left for the upper world.

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