Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Season 2 Epilogue

Return to the Citystate

Desert.jpgUpon their return to the desert city of Ahgram, the party was received with honor. A banquet was held in their honor at the palace of the new Caliph Mahmoud, and their provisions for the journey back to Khal were provided. After a refreshing stay, the party left to return home at long last.

The journey from Ahgram to Khal was largely uneventful. A few caravans, recognizing the foreigners from the stories from Ahgram, hailed them warmly and offered small gifts for their deeds. Once at Khal, however, with its busy ports and bustling trade from many distant lands, the party blended in with the crowd. No special notice was paid them when they booked passage across the Homeward Sea from the port of Khal to Blackport in the north.

The sea journey was entertaining due to the presence of a bard, Tryna of Rivervale, a sprightly and funny halfling lass. Between her jokes and songs (and the beautiful weather) the trip was over too soon.

After spending an evening at the inn in Blackport, the party set off on its final leg to the Citystate of the Invincible Overlord. Despite a few inconveniences (and the departure of the bard as she left for her home), the journey was a safe on and the group returned to the Light Gale Inn. The brothers. Warbling and Huggy, met them joyfully and set about preparing a banquet to celebrate their victories and mourn their loss.

Over the course of the next few days, visitors came by to pay their respects. Lady Ashyra Shade-Blossom met with Lux to recover the armor of her husband, the late General Decius. She offered a chest with a thousand pieces of gold as a sign of her favor, complimented the Paladin that he honored her late husband by making use of his old sword, and indicated she would leave soon to reclaim her home in Ahgram.

Cora returned to the Cathedral to deliver Glade Whispers to its rightful place, whereupon Sister Melina Loske placed a Blessing of Corellon upon her and named her Cora Starbrow, a full Sister of the Faith.

Ophelia met her mentor late in the evening, and he informed her that her journey on this path was just beginning. He would act as her contact to the Red Scorpions, he would be responsible for her training, and he would be the one to give her assignments.

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