Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

The Escape

Into the Storm Drains

Hammerday, 32 Brightsway 698

Sewer5.jpgIn the storm drains below the streets of the Citystate, a bounty hunter and his crew seek to earn the Overlord’s coin by capturing the fugitives. Pragus Shaan, a notorious Tiefling bounty hunter, has set a trap for the heroes. One of his men, Qasim, was the man bearing the shield to give to Lux.

Shaan sprung his trap by collapsing the drain behind the party, forcing a confrontation. Now well-rested, the party sprung into action. Despite poor visibility and unsure footing, they managed to overcome the opposition. Despite various cuts and bruises, the team was in high spirits.

That lasted only as long as it took Lux to recognize Qasim as Lady Ashyra’s manservant. At this revelation, Thorn speculated that Lux could be walking into a trap. Lux disagreed, arguing that outside the Citystate he had no enemies, and that Ashyra had no reason to lure him out. If the Overlord wanted him dead, it would be better to keep them in the Citystate.

Cora and Ophelia agreed, and pointed out that there was no evidence that their quests were suspicious. Thorn reluctantly agreed, and the party continued to leave the City’s storm drains.

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