Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Pirate Attack!

Confrontation at Sea

Axeday, 40 Brightsway 698

Once on deck, the boatswain pointed across the Homeward Sea to the horizon. He told Lux that they were being chased by a Brig of War, possibly from the Red City, by the look of her. She was faster, better-armed and closing fast.

Captain Valyra seemed to shake off her drink, sharply issuing orders and efficiently turning the ship’s best aspect to the wind. The sails cracked as they filled with air, and the ship smoothly raced across the waves. Even so, the boatswain grimly informed the captain that the enemy was gaining.

After a beat, the captain hollered for the crew to prepare for boarding. She turned the ship to turn the enemy’s prow into the wind to slow them. She spoke with Ophelia, telling her that the enemy was likely to board. Her crew would hold off the enemy, if she and her companions would attack the enemy ship. If they could capture the powder magazine, they could force the pirates to surrender.

The party hid themselves behind the rail, waiting until the pirates grappled and boarded the Sea Sprite.They then swung across to the lightly defended enemy deck. After a brief battle, Cora seized the magazine. Calling across to the pirates, they threw down their weapons and surrendered. Captain Valyra claimed the pirate vessel, changing its name from Greyhammer to Sea Sprite.

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