Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Caravan Skirmish!

The Battle at the Oasis

Desert.jpgTwo days of unremitting heat, biting sand-flies and hot, duty winds out of the cool breezes of Khal’s port lies a small oasis. It is here the heroes take a break in their travels just before midday, perhaps to nap during the high heat, water their mounts and prepare to push on.

They awaken to see a dusty caravan arrive from the south. The caravan master hails them and begins arranging for his mounts to be fed and watered, and his guards begin preparing tents to spend a few hours resting during the heat of the day. Just as they are about ready, a shout from the men gets the guards scrambling. A raiding party approaches!

Despite the heat and fatigue, the party split up to take the attackers — tribesmen mounted on camels. Ophelia skirted the watering hole to engage on foot while Lux and Thorn mounted up to meet the enemy. Cora guarded the camp with ranged attacks while positioning herself to heal her friends.

The battle was hard-fought, the tribesmen assaulted the heroes as well as the caravan. One of the guards, a statuesque warrior with a greataxe, seemed to be holding the attackers at bay and preventing any looting until she was overcome.

In the end, with Cora and Thorn badly hurt, the party won the day. They gathered new mounts and helped the unconscious warrior, who asked to join the party. They agreed, and Freya became the fifth member.

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