Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Goblins... Why Did It Have to be Goblins?

The Entrance Hall

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Sewer5.jpgEntering the sewers, it didn’t take long to discover the entrance to the Pits. A narrow spiral stairway led to a sub-level with a large, if dimly-lit, room. Crates and debris littered the floor. At the far end a metal grate could be seen. Beyond it, some pens housed sleeping inhabitants.

Lux took the lead to enter the room, moving cautiously, when he was attacked by a spear-wielding goblin. A fight ensued, with a dangerous spellcasting goblin causing a lot of harm, even knocking Thorn out for a brief time. Cora revealed her divine guardian, a powerful spiritual ally whose presence kept many attacks at bay as the goblins scattered to get away from it. Ophelia managed to use some stealth and cunning to surprise her foes.

When the goblins were defeated, Lux found a couple good-sized gems in the Hexer’s robes. Grimm was released from his captivity, and told the heroes of the many people being held as slave labor in the Pits below. He warned them that the entrance was guarded by traps.

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