Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

Into the Abyss

The Guard Room

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Warned about the guards by Brakki, the party cautiously made their way up the hallway. A curved, sloping passage opened into a well-traveled hallway. Very few braziers were lit, casting shadows everywhere.

A doorway marked the location of the guard room, according to the information supplied them. Ophelia suggested creeping past, but Lux argued that enemies capable of attacking from behind was too great a risk. Cora and Thorn agreed, and they prepared to attack.

The doorway led out onto a ledge overlooking the cavern below. In effect, the guard room had only one wall: the one separating it from the hallway. From here, the off-duty guards could observe the workhouse floor, some forty feet below. This also meant that the party would have to be both quick and quiet, to avoid raising alarms from below.

With Ophelia’s direction (and taking advantage of surprise), the group managed to take out both human and both goblin guards swiftly. What noise did occur was thankfully drowned out by the din in the workroom below. While rifling the guards’ things, Ophelia discovered a finely-made shortsword, which she claimed for herself.

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