Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

The Chamber of Shackles

The Slave Pens

Silverday, 25 Brightsway 698

Sinuessa_Slave.pngThe next chamber was a rough-hewn, rocky chamber with wooden supports and numerous black iron cages. Each cage contained a slops bucket and a thin straw pallet, with the occasional figure huddled within. Four human guards kept order and supervised the slaves in preparing a meal.

The party entered, inadvertently alerting the guards to their presence. A brief battle ensued, but the heroes were prepared for the (rather disorganized) guards’ responses. Fortunately, the slaves managed to avoid harm by taking cover quickly.

The slaves were instructed to stay in place until the party confronted the foreman. They outlined what to look out for in the chamber beyond. Readying themselves for battle, the party advanced.

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