Citystate of the Invincible Overlord

The Tax Men

The Light Gale Inn

Toilday, 24 Brightsway 698

gerard-depardieu.jpgOn Sea Brigands Street there is a shabby tavern called the Light Gale Inn. The rumors about the two brothers who run the place are nearly unbelievable, and the reputation of the inn itself brings many visitors.

While taking in the atmosphere (and notoriously potent drink), the heroes witness a confrontation. Six human toughs led by a man named Trevelyan entered the bar and held co-owner Warbling hostage while making an ultimatum to his brother Huggy. Trevelyan told the man that Warbling would be taken to the Pits if he didn’t pay the fine. Huggy pleaded, but Trevelyan refused to hear him.

In the ensuing fight, the toughs were routed. The heroes found a purse of coins dropped by Trevelyan. Huggy then told them of the Slave Pits below the city, as well as the rumored entrance through the sewers from a nearby alleyway. His Dwarf friend Grimm was being held there, and he offered a reward to rescue him.

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