Valyra the Tankardess

Inebriated Dwarf Captain of the Sea Sprite


Valyra takes no pains to hide her condition. Between the slovenliness of her mismatched clothing, her florid skin and red nose, she looks as if she’s just slept off a bender. Her red hair is usually loose and rumpled, and her green eyes bloodshot.

The thought does occur, though: just how much ale must it take to put a dwarf into this condition?


For all her appearance and general demeanor, Valyra the Tankardess is a highly skilled ship’s captain with a keen knowledge of the sea and command of tactics on the waves. Indeed, it is her very capability which put her in her state, as she is bored beyond bearing when there is no challenge for her to tackle.

Thus, her first mate Davin remains in charge f the day-to-day functions of the Sea Sprite while she either drinks herself into a stupor, or sleeps off the same.

Remarkably, Valyra is equally capable while blind drunk, so she often cannot remember her actual challenges.

Season 2: Blackport
Season 2: Pirate Attack!

Valyra the Tankardess

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