Mask_symbol.jpgMask, the Lord of Shadows, is a loner god, most often associated with thieves or those of otherwise ill-repute. He is a Chaotic Neutral Intermediate deity, from the Shadow Keep in the Plane of Shadow, whose portfolio includes shadows, thievery and thieves; although it previously also included intrigue. Mask’s symbol is a black velvet mask tinged with red.

Known for his constant scheming, cool head, and oft reserved biting comments.

The church of Mask states that wealth rightfully belongs to those who can acquire it. Honesty is for fools but apparent honesty is a very valuable thing while subtlety is everything. Clergy of Mask are called Maskarran, with elite specialty priests referred to as demarchesses (deh-mar-KESS-es) if female and demarchs (deh-MARKS) are male. Maskarran address each other as “Brother/Sister Shadow,” no matter their rank. Clergy that have completed an especially dangerous heist or complex act of manipulation are often admitted to the Circle of the Gray Ribbon.

It is rumored that the Cult of Mask maintains a large network of informants throughout the cities of the realm. It is also rumored that this network provides employment for all sorts of thieves, beggars and thugs.

Favored Weapon:

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