Erevyn's Lorebook

About the Book

Editor’s Note: Erevyn is an eladrin historian whose copious notes have defined much of what we understand of the Known World. While he is widely considered to be a thoughtful authority on the subjects on which he writes, the style of his syntax and penmanship are notoriously awful. Likewise, his idiom is to drone on with little organization.

The Lorebook itself is a hefty tome with doodles, sketches and extraneous pages stuck between the leaves, generally with commentary and later corrections scribbled in the margins. Your Editor has done his best to unsnarl the mess and make some sense of it.


old_armenian_book_by_deviantik11-600x395.jpgI have chosen to organize my thoughts by subject. I will freely admit that what constitutes “organization” may be at best eccentric and at worst arbitrary; however, this is how my thoughts flow. My apologies to my readers.

While my tutors and sources reference various states of existence called Planes, I have yet to find any substantive sources which were not either obvious flights of fantasy or mere speculation. It is my hope that one day I may learn the truth of these claims.

That said, I have effectively limited my observations to our world, called Ceros (pronounced “SAIR-ose” in the Elurian tongue).

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Erevyn's Lorebook

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