The First Age

It isn’t possible to date any of the events of the First Age, as they precede any existing written languages, even Elvish. Only ancient ruins remain, with only the occasional artifact. What is known of this time relies on the writings of later peoples and oral traditions from prehistoric times.

Also called the Elder Age, it is felt by most scholars to have begun with the creation of the world to the first division among humans.

  • The Gods create the world in the Vast Empty.
  • The All becomes divided between the sky and the sea.
  • The edges between sea and sky (change over eternity) freeze, for ice is both sea and sky.
  • Land forms beneath the ice.
    The Dawn War
  • Elder flora and fauna are created by the Gods.
  • Dwarves (the First Folk) are created by Moradin.
  • The Sun God Pelor is formed, and so begins The Thaw.
  • As the equatorial regions melt, the Elves are made by Corellon (think: ElfQuest).
  • As the ice retreats, so do the Dwarves, to the high and cold places of the world.
  • With the Stonegift given them by Moradin, the Dwarves move into the earth.
  • Elves begin experimenting with Magic.
  • Magic portals unlock the Dark Ways, and the Hidden Gods come to the world.
  • Seduced by the Hidden Gods, the Elves fracture.
  • D’Rau (priests) and Yrch (warriors) become servants of the Hidden Ones.
  • The Dwarves and remaining Elves war against the Drow and Orcs
  • The Hidden Ones and Hidden Gods are driven into the wastes during the Darkness War
  • The allied races mingle, and Man is formed
  • As Wind-Man and Earth-Man form, the age ends in peace

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The First Age

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